Below is a list of selected technical and academic talks, panels, and exhibitions/performances. Please check the Juegos Rancheros website for information on upcoming events related to Juegos Rancheros, Fantastic Arcade, and the Museum of Human Amusement.

Upcoming events

April 21 at R-CADE Symposium in Philadelphia, PA USA

"Hertzian Tales: Adventures in 'Useless Hacking'"
May 24 at Signal Conference in San Francisco, CA USA

Past events, 2017

"Nodebots Workshop"
January 10 –January 11 at CodeMash 2017 in Sandusky, OH USA

"Making old electronics new again ...with JavaScript!"
January 17 at Austin Javascript in Austin, TX USA

HACKING / MODDING / REMIXING as Feminist Protest
January 27 –February 26 at Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA USA

"Hacking old toys with node.js!"
February 8 at Crater Remote Conference: Javascript Edition in the browser

Incluseum: Femininity and Museums
March 29 at Living Computers Museum in Seattle, WA USA

Barbie Tech Dreamhouse
March 31 at Living Computers Museum in Seattle, WA USA

Past events, 2016

"ConnectedNES: The world premiere of a WiFi-enabled 8-bit game console"
May 19 at OSCON in Austin, TX USA

"Postmodernism Is Still Here, but Everything Will Be OK"
June 28 at Austin Mobile & Indie Game Dev in Austin, TX USA

International Nodebots Day Chicago
July 30 at 1871 in Chicago, IL USA

"Before Bootstrap: 100 Years of High-Impact Typography and Grid-Based Design"
August 8 at That Conference in Wisconsin Dells, WI USA

Low Level
August 19 –August 20 at The Muse in New York City, NY USA

"Retro Renaissance: Designing for 8-Bit Consoles"
August 23 at Playcrafting in New York City, NY USA

August 30 at Dorkbot in Austin, TX USA

September 8 –September 11 at Revolution Hall in Portland, OR USA

"Cognitive Services APIs"
October 5 at Austin Homegrown API Meetup in Austin, TX USA

"Rachel Weil: Artist, Game Developer, and Organizer"
October 10 at Dallas Society of Play in Carrollton, TX USA

"8-Bit Bandwidth: Designing New Networks for Obsolete Game Consoles"
November 6 at Radical Networks in New York City, NY USA

"Fun and Games with node.js!"
November 20 –November 21 at Nodevember in Nashville, TN USA

"Outsider code: Funny hacks with node.js"
November 28 at Dallas.node in Dallas, TX USA

"Node.js and Azure Web Apps"
November 29 at Node Interactive in Austin, TX USA

Past events, 2015

"'Zero Zero': The future... we're there!"
April 16 at The New Museum in New York City, NY USA

"Revisiting Playland"
August 27 at Hotbox Close Encounters in Austin, TX USA

Friday Late: Pushing Buttons
August 28 at The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, ENGLAND UK

"Keynote: Looking Back at Girls' Games"
October 24 at IndieCade in Culver City, CA USA